Solar PV Cook-stove

For the provision of the clean, reliable and efficient cooking, the SoULS initiative has developed a solar PV cook-stove that works on the principle of induction. The cook-stove has been designed to provide 3 units of electricity every day which is sufficient for cooking 3 meals daily for a 5 member family. The cook-stove has two induction cook-tops a back-up time of 1 day from batteries. It can be used for all cooking processes like boiling, steaming, frying, griddling, etc. Since the solar panel produces DC power and battery stores energy in DC form, the cook stove is designed to work on 48V DC, which is also safe limits to operate and does not have any operational hazards. This cook-stove design has won the ONGC’s ‘solar chulha’ challenge organized under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, winning the prize money of INR. 10 lakhs.